Fraud & Cheat Reports for 32Red Casino – Comprehensive Research

In 2018, there exists a huge number of online casinos and bookmakers and it can be a daunting task in choosing the most appropriate one. Cyber-crime is a real thing and some online casinos often operate as a way of scamming money out of potential customers, which is something which as an online gambler, is simply not acceptable. This article will give a comprehensive review of 32Red online casino, rigorously checking whether or not any 32Red Casino scam; 32Red Casino fraud can be found and the signs of how to tell whether or not a site is genuinely a legitimate online casino, or is in fact some kind of scam, operating to try and cheat you out of your hard earned money.

Very good 7.4
  • Accepts PayPal
  • £250 Daily Slot Tournament Freerolls
  • Offers Bingo – Poker – Betting
  • Friendly Customer Support
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Is There Any Suspicion Of Cheating Strategies By 32Red Casino?

32Red is a very reputable online casino and has one of the very popular Casino Apps for customers to use. As such, there is no evidence online that suggests the Casino is untrustworthy in any way, shape, or form and no complaints or reports can be found with accusations of fraud or cheating their own customers out of money, which unfortunately, can’t be said for all online casinos that exist. These sort of strategies, used by other casinos may be a refusal to release money into a players account due to ‘verification problems’, for example certain casinos will try and suggest you can’t provide the relevant information to prove who you say you are and so they can’t release you the money, despite being perfectly happy to take your hard earned money as a deposit, this is definite fraudulent behaviour and should be reported immediately to try and take the site down and not allow it to happen to many other people.

Are There Any Negative Customer Reviews About 32Red Casino?

Like all online casinos, there are a few reviews that can be seen of 32Red casino that are sometimes negative. These generally centre around the bonus scheme and demonstrates the importance of customers reading the terms and conditions of each and every bonus they use, so that they know there are clear rules in terms of when a bonus amount can be withdrawn and any caps placed on the bonus winnings. Apart from these negative reviews, in general, a Review of 32Red Casino is very positive and the site often gets commended on its structure, user interface and flexibility in terms of payment methods that are given to their customers.

What Do Customers Say About 32Red Casino

  • Good Choice of online markets for customers to choose from
  • Flexibility in terms of payment methods (Many E-wallets offered)
  • Good Bonus and promotion schemes (Although sometimes hard to claim)
  • Good customer service which is available to customers 24/7
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32Red Casino was last reviewed by on the and received a rating of 7.4/10

Reasons Why 32Red Casino Is A Reputable Online Casino

In simple terms, a reputable online casino is one which allows for deposits to be made very quickly, but perhaps more importantly, the withdrawal of the money is the point where issues in doing so, should start making alarm bells ring. The payment methods available at 32Red are many and typically, a non-reputable casino will not let a player deposit with so many different methods as it is harder to track and fraudulently stop the withdrawals leaving the online casino wallet and going back into the players account. PayPal at 32Red Casino is even an option, something which many casinos do not accept. A sure sign that there may be something odd and possibly fraudulent activity associated with the online casino is that more questions are asked to withdraw money, than there are to deposit money. A reputable casino, which 32Red seems to be will ask for verification checks to both deposit money and also withdraw money from a players account. A non-reputable online casino will be very relaxed when checking deposit methods and the verification process for that; however it will be almost impossible to withdraw money from the site.

Another indication that the site is legitimate, which 32Red does excellently at is by providing easy access to the customer for all their privacy, terms and conditions and small print which applies to all of their processes. It is easy to see and links are available on nearly every page for players to be able to browse before making a decision on a particular item which the terms and conditions may apply to. Something which some fraudulent casinos may do is hide behind their terms and conditions and not be open in sharing them with the customers. This means they can exploit them and prevent you from withdrawing money. In addition, withdrawing money processing time is another key indicator that 32Red is a legitimate site as most payment methods will update all balances instantly, with some remaining pending for a short time up to a maximum of 24 hours after the withdrawal or deposit is made.

In summary, based on the evidence found, 32Red seems to be a reputable casino because:

  • There are lots of different payment methods acceptable (including PayPal)
  • Same verification process for deposits AND withdrawals
  • Terms and conditions available to view and clearly written and displayed
  • Fast (Instant) Deposit and Withdrawal methods

What Can You Do in If You Suspect Fraud at 32Red Casino?

Any suspicions of fraud by any online casino should be reported immediately and it is vital that all evidence that may be gathered to show this is retained for future records. There are many gambling authorities, as well as local police that can be alerted if you suspect fraudulent activity and it will be treated on a case by case basis. The 32Red Casino bonus terms and conditions should first be read before consulting some of the ambling authorities and reporting, as these may state clear rules regarding withdrawal limits.

The Most Important Questions Regarding 32Red Casino At A Glance

As a quick check, customers of any online casino should want to know answers to the following questions; the evidence compiled in this report gives supporting evidence to the answers so that customers of 32Red casino can play on their favourite games, receive offers such as 32Red Casino Free Spins, safe in the knowledge that they are working with a reputable online casino.

Is The Log In At 32Red Casino Safe?

The Log In process and password protection at 32Red casino is safe for all users to be able to log in without any fear of their details being taken.

Is The Casino Bonus Of 32Red Casino Reputable?

The bonus is reputable; however, it is of paramount importance that all customers of the bonus look at the terms and conditions, which are clearly laid out by 32Red online casino.  There may also be a limit on some bonuses, such as the welcome bonus, where only up to £150 can be withdrawn. These bonus rates are perfectly competitive and equivalent to many other casinos and above all are reputable, however, there is often confusion amongst inexperienced players in particular in terms of ‘fair play’ when it comes to bonuses, however, all terms and conditions are easy to find on the website.

Is My Credit Card Data Safe?

The credit card data used by 32Red casino is fully verified as a payment method and you can deposit or withdraw directly from your credit card and be assured that the details are safe and you are using a reputable casino.

Reader’s Call – We Will Help You

helpAs mentioned, if some suspicious or fraudulent activity is found at 32Red Casino, or indeed any other casinos that are out there, then there are a lot of people to contact in order to report this. Although 32Red casino looks very reputable, there do exist a lot of casinos which simply aren’t. If you do suspect any activity that does not look quite right, an email to or a direct message in the comments section below can be used as outlets to report this behaviour and keep online gambling safe.

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